Fine Art Reproductions
(Giclée) Art reproductions on watercolor or canvas.

is a French term meaning "to spray or jet". It refers to the blending of computer science and art, of printing-on-demand technologies using digital computer files derived from high resolution scanning and new technology inkjet printers.

Giclée fine art printing is fast becoming the most widely used form of original art reproductions. It is the finest process available to the visual artist because Giclée printing is able to capture all the nuances of the entire image: the richness and depth of color, the subtleties of highlights and tonal details held in delicate shadows.

Que Giclées can be printed with UltraChrome inks, Archival inks or carbon-based pigmented monochromatic inks. Original art will fade, it always has. The new pigmented inks are designed to remain true to color and not fade for over 120 years. Giclées will last forever because their digitally archived files will keep indefinitely and accurate reproductions will always be available to the artist.

Cruse® Scanner – scans up to 4’ x 6’ x 4"
• Epson 10,000 (6 heads, Archival Inks)
• Epson 9600 (monochrome carbon-based pigmented inks: selenium or warm)
• Epson Pro Stylus 9600
(7 heads, UltraChromeTM inks)

24 hours for test prints
• 24-48 hours for prints, depending on quantity

• On-demand printing
• Best quality images
• Easier file management
• Faster project turnarounds
• Wide selection of materials to print on
including but not limited to Canvas, Watercolor paper, Vinyl and Fabric.
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